Post Offices Villages Map of India.

At map solutions we have created Post offices Location (Villages) of India point data.
It is created based on India post (Post Office) directory. These are over 150000 villages/settlements Which represent around 20000 Pin codes of India.  It is high quality high resolution map data.

The 6-digit postcode boundary map of India is structured hierarchically.
The first number represents one of the nine postal zones (region). The second describes the sub-region, and the third one indicates the district within the region. The final three digits are assigned to individual post Offices.

This map data is available in several text and GIS formats which can easily be imported in to any software or database management system. We can provide this in .CSV,Shapefile,DBFand KML formats.

Mission & Vision

map solutions is committed to provide high quality GIS & Market data of India to its customer with constant innovations , Continuous improvement and value added services.



India Postal boundary map

India Postal offices village and locatlity point map

India Assembly and Parliamentry Boundary map.

India GIS map of Cities and states.


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